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Conduit threadable

Conduit threadable

The resistance that your electrical installation needs, the security you deserve. The Conduit threadable Tigre line is used in residential, commercial and industrial projects where it is necessary to protect electrical installations of high mechanical stress during the concreting process. Made of rigid PVC does not propagate flame. Also available in weldable option.


Threadable Conduit Electric Box

90 Long Bow

Octagonal Box with Movable Bottom

180º Bend for Threadable Conduit

90º Bend for Threadable Conduit

Short Radius 90º Bend for Threadable Conduit

3m Non-flaming Threadable Conduit

Threadable Conduit Socket

Extender for Octagonal Box

Caixa de Luz Eletroduto Roscável 4x4

Cabeçote para Entrada de Energia

Flange Eletroduto Roscável