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Corrugated conduit Tigreflex

Corrugated conduit Tigreflex

Guaranteed security: not propagate flames, does not bend and not knead. If your construction requires a greater mechanical protection for the built-in electrical installation, Tigreflex line is ideal. The Tigreflex conduit is flexible, adapts it to the changes of direction and avoids the use of connections. Light, has low friction coefficient and has meter by meter marking for easy handling and installation.

Tigreflex 3" x 3" Box with Sliding Ring - Yellow

Extender for Reinforced Tigreflex Octagonal Box - Gray

Tigreflex Octagonal Box with Movable Bottom - Yellow

Caixa de Luz Tigreflex 4X4

Tigreflex Box - Yellow

Yellow Tigreflex Corrugated Conduit

Tigreflex Pressure Socket - Yellow

Extender for Tigreflex Octagonal Box - Yellow

Accordion-like Support for Paving Brick

Reinforced Tigreflex Octagonal Box with Movable Bottom - Gray

Reinforced Tigreflex Octagonal <br>Box with Fixed Bottom - Gray

Reinforced Corrugated Flexible Electrical Conduit Tigreflex®

Reinforced Tigreflex Pressure Coupling