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Water tanks (open, closed)

Water tanks (open, closed)

More protection for your water. Water tanks Tigre have full and secure closure. The cover fits perfectly and prevents the entry of insects and other impurities. It is made of non-toxic material, does not contaminate the water. Its smooth surface prevents fouling, much easier to clean. It is lightweight, has recesses on the side and marking for inlet and outlet pipe to facilitate their installation. Available 310-5000 liters.

Adaptador Soldável com Anel para Caixa d' Água

Water Tank 5000 Liters

Water Tank Adapter with Valve

Water Tank 310 liters

Water Tank 500 liters

Water Tank 1000 liters

Water Tank 750 liters

Water Tank 1500 liters

Box Water 2000 liters

Box Water 3000 liters

Water Closed Box 500 liters

Water Closed Box 1000 liters