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Welded pipes and connections

Welded pipes and connections

Want to drive and storing drinking water efficiently and safely in your home? Tigre offers the most complete line for cold water facilities. The tubes and weldable connections are joined by plastic adhesive, which eliminates the use of special equipment. They are light, easy to handle and can be used in all types and work patterns: residential, commercial and industrial.

Weldable Union

Weldable Crossing

Weldable Reduction Sleeve

Water Tank Adapter with Valve

45º Weldable Bend

Weldable Socket

Adaptador Soldável com Anel para Caixa d' Água

Adhesive plastic PVC tube for - Transparent

Weldable 90º Bend

Weldable Sleeve with Brass Bushing

Weldable Adapter with Free Flanges for Water Tank

Adesivo Plástico para PVC Frasco - Incolor

Weldable Transposition Bend

Weldable Sleeve with Thread

Short Weldable Adapter with Socket and Thread for Valve

Bottle Preparing Solution


Weldable Reduction Tee

Weldable Adapter JET 30

45º Weldable Elbow

Weldable Tee

Long Weldable Adapter with Free Flanges for Water Tank

90º Weldable Elbow

Weldabre Tee with Brass Bushing in the Central Socket

Clamp for Weldable Pipe

Weldable Elbow with Brass Bushing

Tee with Thread in the Central Socket

Short Weldable Reduction Bushing

Weldable 90º Elbow with Thread

Weldable Pipe 3 m

Long Weldable Reduction Bushing

Weldable 90º Reduction Elbow

Weldable Pipe 6 m

Weldable Cap

Sliding Sleeve for Weldable Pipe

Adhesive for PVC (Lead Tube)

Adhesive for PVC (Flask)