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Flexible PEX system

Flexible PEX system

High strength and durability, easy installation and in less time. This way is easier and safer to distribute hot water for heating homes and commercial systems. Flexible pipes and joints Flexible PEX Tigre system are easy to perform and the lightness of the material facilitates handling. Connections of PEX Tigre Monolayer line are crimped.

Scissors for PPR Pipe

Triple Outputs Manifold

Mobile Fitting

Double Outputs Manifold

Monolayer PEX Pipe

Triple Outputs Manifold 30º

Conexão Móvel Pex

Triple Outputs Manifold

90º Elbow

Male Threaded Tee

Transition Saddle

90º Male Thread Elbow

Female Threaded Tee

Pex x Aquatherm® Transition

Female Thread Final Elbow

Mobile Threaded Elbow

Crimp Wrench


Fixed Base Elbow

Crimp Rings

Reduccing Coupler

Joelho 45º Pex


Conexão Fixa Macho Pex

Short Removable Elbow


Female Fixed Connection

Long Removable Elbow

Double Outputs Manifold


Long Removable Elbow Repair

Double Outputs 30º Manifold

Reduccing Tee

Short Removable Elbow Repair