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Enhanced series

Enhanced series

Enhanced Tigre Line is ideal for the installation of the sewer system in the most critical parts of its construction, such as downpipes and subcolectors. The products are manufactured in more material resistant to mechanical stress. Let the bad side of smell, count on Tigre quality to lead the wastewater efficiently and with airtight guarantee.

R Series Plain Branch

Tê BBB Serie R

R Series Sliding Coupling


R Series Rubber Ring

R Series Plain Socket

Bottle Preparing Solution

Long Reduction Bush

R Series Plain Eccentric Reduction

R Series Cap

R Series Inspection Tee

87º 30´ R Series Bend

R Series Tee

R Series 90º CurVar

R Series Pipe 3 m

R Series 45º Elbow

R Series Pipe 6 m

R Series 90º Elbow

Adhesive plastic PVC tube for - Transparent

90º Elbow with Inspection Window

Adesivo Plástico para PVC Frasco - Incolor

R Series Double Branch

Elbow 90 ° Foot Column R Series - Glass Fiber Reinforced

Adhesive for PVC (Lead Tube)

Adhesive for PVC (Flask)