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Normal series - white tube

Normal series - white tube

Want tightness warranty? Has. Want strength and durability for installation? Also have. Full line of pipes and connections Normal Series Tigre will drive the effluents of sanitary appliances, including the toilets and urinals of the building installation of sewer and ventilation. Meets the versatility of their design, it can be used in projects of all kinds and pattern.

Joelho 90º DN 40

Bottle Preparing Solution

90º Elbow


90º Elbow with ring

Plain Inspection Tee

90º Elbow

Ventilation Terminal

Adapter for Seat

Double Branch

3 m Regular Pipe

Long Reducing Bushing

Inverted Branch

6 m Regular Pipe


Plain Branch

Retention Valve

Long 45º Bend

Slide Coupling

Adhesive plastic PVC tube for - Transparent

Short 90º Bend

Plain Socket

Adesivo Plástico para PVC Frasco - Incolor

Long 90º Bend

Portinhola Inox para Válvula de Retenção (Reposição)

Adaptor for Dishwasher

CurVar 45°

Extenders for Retention Valve


45º Elbow

Eccentric Reduction

Rubber Ring

Adhesive for PVC (Lead Tube)

Adhesive for PVC (Flask)