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Siphoned boxes and sinkers

Siphoned boxes and sinkers

You know the importance of siphoned boxes and drains the sewage installation? They connect the pipes and let the stench away from its construction. The siphoned box is built to the floor to collect the water used in the sink, flush or shower, and outdoor areas, rainwater. Drains are installed on the siphoned cash to drain the water. Warranty Tigre, safe installation.

Strainer with Jointed Outlet

Chrome Circular Grill

Easy-fit U-shaped Box Body


Circular Grill Holder

White Circle Open and Close Grill

U-shaped Box Body

Bottle Preparing Solution

Cover Holder for U-shaped Box

White Square Open and Close Grill

Body Box siphoned DN 150 x 150 x 50 (with 7 entries) - Series R

Extension for U-shaped Box


Titaniun Circle Open and Close Grill

Strainer Body with Jointed Outlet

Conical Drain Assembled


Titaniun Square Open and Close Grill

Square U-shaped Drain Body

Square Drain Assembled

U-shaped Box Assembled with White Cover

Grid Opens and Closes Round Chrome

Cylindric U-shaped Drain Body

White Square Blind Cover

U-shaped Box Assembled with DN 100 x 100 x 50 Grill and Grill Holder

Grid Opens and Closes Square Chrome

White Square Grill

White Circular Blind Cover

Easy-fit U-shaped Assembled Box with DN 150 x 150 x 50 Grill and Grill Holder

Port Tampa to Tampa Round Square

White Circular Grill

Adhesive plastic PVC tube for - Transparent

Easy-fit U-shaped Assembled Box with DN 150 x 185 x 75 Grill and Grill Holder

Round Stainless Grid

Single Sleeve with Fixers

Adesivo Plástico para PVC Frasco - Incolor

Cleaning Bin for U-shaped Box

Grid Square Stainless

Square Grill Holder for Circular Grill

Chrome Square Grill

Dry Box Body 100x100x40

Body Dry Box

Square Grill Holder

Rubber Ring

Adhesive for PVC (Lead Tube)

Adhesive for PVC (Flask)