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Irrigates EP – Plastic hitch

Irrigates EP – Plastic hitch

We opted for portable irrigation system? The irrigates EP Tigre is a complete line of PVC pipes and connections to drive water in mobile systems. Your plastic screw - coupling facilitates installation by manual coupling. Furthermore, the system can be assembled and disassembled easily enjoy flexibility in various areas. Products with high weather resistance.

Quick Connector for Sprinkler

EP Gas Threaded Branch

Ascent for Threaded Sprinkler

EP Female Adapter

EP Female Branch

Irrigation EP Pipe

EP Male Adapter

Rod for EP/ES Branch Curve

EP Line Valve

Irriga Sprinkler Assembly

EP Line Valve Hydrant

Sprinkler Valve

Reduction Bush for EP Sprinkler Outlet

Irriga EP / ES Sealing Rubber Joint

Line Valve Passage Seal (Replacement)

EP Female CAP

Support Rest Irrigation EP

Wheel for Branching Bend Irrigation EP (Replacement)


EP Female Tip

VS Spare Ballcock Flywheel

EP 45º Bend

EP Male Tip

EP 90º Bend

EP Male/Female Reduction

EP Branch Curve

Plain VS Ball Valve

EP Leveling Curve

EP Sprinkler Outlet