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Threadable tubes and connections

Threadable tubes and connections

Want to drive and storing drinking water efficiently and safely in your home? Tigre offers a complete line for cold water facilities. Threadable tubes and connections are easy to disassemble, ideal for areas that need maintenance. They are light, easy to handle and can be used in all types and work patterns: residential, commercial and industrial.

Threadable Adapter with ring for Water tank

Threadable Sliding Sleeve

Clamp for Threadable Pipe

Threadable Reducing Union

Threadable Reduction Bushing

Threadable Socket

Threadable Cap

Threadable Nipple

Threadable 90° Bend

Threadable Plug

Threadable Flange with Hexagon

Threadable Reducing Tee

45º Threadable Elbow

Threadable Tee

Threadable 90º Elbow

Threadable Pipe 6m

Threadable 90° Elbow with Brass Bushing

Threadable Union

Threadable 90° Reduction Elbow


Threadable 45° Junction

Threaded Flange Adapter Short