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PPR Thermofusion

PPR Thermofusion

Numerous application possibilities to conduct the hot water with high demand for performance and durability. The line PPR Thermofusion is used in homes, hotels, clubs and hospitals. Among the benefits are high temperature resistance and lower load loss. The T line can be also commonly used in heating systems and in the naval and industrial facilities.

PPR Fixed Base Knee

Scissors for PPR Pipe

Mixer Tee FMM

90º Male x Female Elbow

Female Conector

Termofusion T-63

Having Mixer FFF

90º Bend

DryFix® Transition Coupling

Termofusion T-110


Tee with male thread in the central socket

Termofusion Socket

Reducing Tee

Tee with female thread in the central socket

PPR Thermofusion Pipe PN 12

External Reducing Tee

Threaded Male Elbow

PPR Thermofusion Pipe PN 20

Central External Reducing Tee

Threaded Female Elbow

PPR Thermofusion Pipe PN 25

Reducing Bush

Threaded Long Female Elbow


End Cap

Double Union


Transposition Bend

Double Union with Bolts

90º Elbow

Mixer Tee

Derivation Saddle

45º Male x Female Elbow

Male Conector